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Earning money in 14 days flat

Join us on this 14 day journey!

You too can experience the thrill of finally earning real money online within 14 days flat (even if you’ve never made a dime before).



Project Breakthrough

Project Breakthrough is industry first true step-by-step, most comprehensive video guided program specifically designed to help you:


Earn a commission online (real money) - even if you have never made a dime online before.


Understand how to do it over again so you never have to "depend" on anybody or anything. Take control of your future and write your own ticket.


Scale and multiply your income. How to go from making a single sale to earning potentially up to $20,000 - $50,000 or more per month!




You may be wondering why would such a powerful program be offered for free...

Here’s why:
Recently, we surveyed over 2,700 people in the “online marketing” / “work from home” industry and the results we saw where shocking.

Take a look at actual survey results...

As you can see, 70.9% of people are earning absolutely nothing. Zero.

89.9% of the people surveyed are earning less than $100 per month online!

This is our fight.

At High Traffic Academy our mission is to change those statistics and genuinely help people achieve true success in business and in life.

Thousands of others have already started their Project Breakthrough and are changing their lives every day. You can be next!

Project Breakthrough MOVEMENT

If you are somebody who is truly hungry for success and seriously want to create a real breakthrough (financial and otherwise) for yourself and your family, but you don’t know how or where to start -- or perhaps you’ve tried to earn money online but failed over and over again -- then this is exactly what you need.

Here’s the plan:
First, let’s help YOU breakthrough and get you earning the kind of money you always wanted to make. Then TOGETHER let’s help millions of others!

Project Breakthrough is literally a movement and we invite you to become part of it today, because your breakthrough is literally just around the corner.

It Works

Project Breakthrough has been designed specifically to help you get results FAST, even if you’re a total beginner and have never had any online success before.

Your mentor and program instructor, Vick Strizheus will take you on a 14 day journey.

Starting from scratch, Vick will walk you through the entire process step-by-step. It’s like you standing behind his shoulder and watching him pick a product, create a marketing campaign, set up custom marketing funnel, get traffic and turn traffic into leads and sales generating commission right before your eyes in real time.

The best part is you can model what Vick does and follow along every step of the way. No stone is left unturned.

It's really almost impossible to not get results if you just follow the program.

Meet Your Mentors

Jason McClain

Jason McClain is a serial entrepreneur and partner of High Traffic Academy. He has started and sold more than 14 companies and has established a presence in the online space for the past 20 years. In 2015, his online companies grossed more than $12 Million. He is sought after by businesses across the world including former clients that have included Home Depot, Dish Network, Columbia House, General Electric, Dell Computers and many others. Today, he manages more than a dozen online companies and teaches entrepreneurs and business leaders how to generate traffic, create businesses and create marketing systems that allow average people to break away from the ordinary and start to live their life on their terms. Together with his business partner, Vick Strizheus, he mentors more than 80,000 students teaching them how to build online systems that generate reliable revenue.

Vick Strizheus

Vick Strizheus is a founder of High Traffic Academy, LLC and creator of some of the most successful and highest converting marketing funnels in the Internet marketing space. Vick holds a world record for earning the most amount of money a Network Marketing industry -- more than $720,000 in just the first 30 days. Today, Vick is one of the most sought after trainers and leaders in Internet marketing and through his main company, High Traffic Academy, teaches marketers and entrepreneurs how to create massive success in their business and live the life on their terms.